Powerstep Arch Boosters

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Product Description

Powersteps Arch Boosters are self-adhesive dense latex foam pads that are placed directly under the arch of the orthotic insert. They boost the foot arch support level of Powerstep orthotic insoles, providing extra support for those needing high support or rigidity. Perfect for severely flat feet. Ideal for use in dress and casual shoes (slip-on's and low to mid heel dress shoes) and athletic shoes.

Helps prevent over-pronation and flattening of the foot.

  • Adhesive helps hold arch booster in place
  • Provides enhanced flat feet arch support and cushioned comfort for those who need it
  • Cushion can be placed exactly where needed for customized support

Small: Women's size 5-10, Men's size 3-8

Regular: Men's size 9-14, Women's size 11-16