Bauerfeind MyoTrain

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Product Description

The MyoTrain thigh brace, made by Bauerfeind, is an enhanced alternative to taping and relieves pain from muscle fiber tears, pulls or bruising.

Stability and Comfort

MyoTrain braces use a combination of knit material, a strap system and two viscoelastic cushioned pads to provide pain relief, reduce swelling and accelerate the healing process. The knit material is soft and comfortable but the special stretch fabric is also strong and stabilizes the thigh. As a fast, effective alternative to taping, MyoTrain supports have Velcro straps that make it easy to put on and take off quickly. Using these straps, you can adjust the level of compression based on your needs.

Effective injury assistance

MyoTrain braces have two custom soft pads that provide targeted gentle pressure on the injured area, reduce swelling and improve circulation. As your injury heals, the pads can be removed and the support worn without them.

Move freely and heal faster

If youve had a thigh or hamstring injury, the MyoTrain thigh brace will help you reduce pain and be comfortable and able to move on with your day.

Treatment of: thigh strain, quadriceps (quad) strain, quadriceps (quad) pull, hamstring pull, hamstring strain

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