Bauerfeind EpiTrain Elbow

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Product Description

Bauerfeinds EpiTrain braces and supports deliver targeted relief for severe, persistent elbow pain, also called golfers elbow or tennis elbow. It gets to work right at the root of the problem: the tendons and muscles of the elbow and forearm.

Advanced protection for the elbow

When your elbow tissue is over-strained, achy, swollen or inflamed, Bauerfeinds EpiTrain braces deliver the relief you need. As you move, the special knitted support with built-in stabilizing pads stimulates muscles and helps healing. EpiTrain has a compression massage effect on the soft tissue during movement, which relieves pain, activates the surrounding muscles, reduces swelling and stabilizes joints.

Breathable knit material

Because the knit fabric adapts to your every movement, the support wont cut into you or slip. This is why the material is softer and more elastic at the edge of the support. Our soft fabric wont irritate your skin like neoprene braces. Because our fabric is breathable, it keeps moisture away from your skin, for a cooling effect.

Treatment of: Tennis elbow (epicondylitis), golfer's elbow (epicondylitis), elbow pain, elbow swelling, elbow tendinitis, elbow arthritis.

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