Bauerfeind Compression Sock

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Product Description

Fast acceleration, cutting, jumping and sudden stops put the ankle and calf under stress. The Sport Compression Socks Ball and Racket target these areas with special compression zones to improve agility and stability.

Distinctive Taping Zone

Surrounds the ankle in a figure eight to improve stability, body awareness and enhance coordination.

Muscle Toning Zone

Stimulates calf muscles and reduces tiring muscle vibrations.

Shock Absorption Zones and relief cut-outs

The padded toe, forefoot and heel zones provide a shock absorbing effect. The cut-out in the area of the Achilles tendon prevents uncomfortable pressure or friction.

Breathable, durable and washable

The soft knit is highly breathable and durable, easy to machine wash and tumble dry.

Treatment of: Leg fatigue, muscle endurance, calf pain, and leg swelling.