Retül Bike Fitting

PTS Sports offers bike fitting in our Acworth, GA location.  We offer a state of the art and scientific bike fitting program that uses cutting edge technology combined with professional experience and knowledge for the best of bike fitting.

PTS Sports uses the Retul bike fitting system to assist the professional bike fitting team to define the optimal bike position.  Retul is the only motion capture technology based system that is dynamic, meaning the rider is pedaling during the fit.

Why PTS Sports/Retul?

PTS Sports uses a team of experts to complete the fit process including a doctoral trained physical therapist that carries the knowledge of body position and biomechanics.  The other half of the bike fit team is a seasoned bike expert knowledgeable in the bike components and mechanics of the bike set-up.  Our professionals combined with the motion capture technology of Retul allows for optimal outcome.  The Retul system has been used in bike fit studios like Lance Armstrong’s bike shop in Austin, TX and in the main Retul studio in Denver, CO.  The system and program have used to fit the nations top triathletes and cycling teams.  Tim Deboom, Christian Vande Velde, Chris Carmichael, Norman Stadler, the Radio Shack cycling team and 2008 and 2009 Ironman World Champion Craig Alexander have used the system successfully.

Why A Retul Bike Fit?

The PTS Sports/Retul bike fit program is built to minimize the potential frustration of not being comfortable, not being able to ride at length, poor bike performance, and potential pain from riding a bike that is not fit properly.  For many the bike fit is intended to maximize their performance and achieve race goals.  Those goals can be a combination of more power, more speed, or less fatigue.  A bike fit is also appropriate for a new bike purchase, change in components on the bike, or when pain is a limiting factor to riding.

Who Is Appropriate For This System?

The PTS Sports/Retul bike fit program is for the beginner to elite athlete.  The program is used in fitting road, mountain, bybrid and triathlon/time trial specific bikes.  The bike fit program assists the rider in being more comfortable, reaching endurance goals, improving power, or overcoming injury.

How Much Does This Cost?

The PTS Sports/Retul Bike fit program includes the initial bike fit session which averages 2.5 hours of bike analysis and data collection and one follow-up session for the rider. The cost is $250.

Where Is the Testing Completed?

The PTS Sports/Retul bike fit system is completed in our Acworth, GA bike fit studios and can be scheduled by contacting us at [email protected] or by calling us at 770-917-0924.